One of the ways to grow your company is to export from Spain to other countries.
In this way, you will be able to diversify your markets, expand customers and points of sale,
which will allow you to advance in the scalability of your business.

Your decision to export must be preceded by a study process to obtain all the information and knowledge that will allow you to carry out the export with guarantees of success.

StarCargo’s mission as a company specialized in air, sea and land transport of goods, is to connect people and businesses in an easy way to overcome the obstacle of distances, working with the countries you want, as if they were close here.

With more than 25 years of experience in the world of international transport and with a presence in many countries, StarCargo puts at your disposal an experienced team to advise and accompany you in the export process from Spain, so that you can do it successfully.

For this reason, we offer you here some keys that you should know to develop your export activity:

Do you have clear
your strategy

Before starting to export to other countries, you should design a good export strategy, starting from the current situation of your company, defining the objectives and taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your business compared to your competition and the socioeconomic context of those countries. destination of your exports. You will have to investigate the potential markets for your products in those countries, know their commercial culture and the requirements to start an export activity with guarantees of success.

Customs management
essencial in the
export process

To reach new international markets it is necessary to have knowledge of customs management, regulations and the essential procedures in the export process. Know the bilateral agreements between countries, how a customs clearance is carried out, what are Incoterms, how are all the processes that must be carried out. At StarCargo we facilitate this learning and we will always be by your side in customs management, of which we have extensive experience. We have customs agents in most of the countries.

International shipping
and its logistics

Our experience and knowledge of the different countries to which we deliver, allows us to know the most appropriate logistics in each case. We will study with you the rates, routes and transit times for each of your international shipments, offering you the best prices, according to your export needs. Our knowledge of international logistics and our services allow us to promote the success of Spanish companies, in which logistics and transportation are key to their international projection.

one of keys in
the exporting activity

The quality of your product must be protected throughout the export process, for this the choice of packaging is key when preparing shipments. The packaging must be in accordance with the identity of your company, with the differential value of your products and must ensure their transport in the maximum conditions of protection and security. At StarCargo we can also advise you on this aspect.

Export requirements
according to the goods

You must know the IATA regulations and each customs office to know the export requirements and requirements that the products you are going to export must meet. You will find out, in this way, the types of merchandise whose export is prohibited or those that must follow a specific process. Tell us the products you are thinking of exporting and we will help you to understand the corresponding regulations, so that you can export without setbacks.

How to export
in a safe way

All commercial activities, also export to other countries, have certain risks. Some are predictable and controllable, some are not. Having export insurance is essential if you want to carry out your export activity in a safe and professional way, to be protected against any unforeseen event that may cause damage, loss or delays in the shipment and receipt of your products. We advise you to choose the most appropriate type of insurance according to the characteristics of your products and your export process.

it can help you in
export process

Selling online in other countries is a good way to enter new markets and check the acceptance of your products, taking advantage of the feedback from your customers in those countries. The worldwide success of the E-commerce, boosted dramatically by the Covid-19 health crisis, is helping many companies break into new markets. Do you want your company to be one of them?