Our International Transportation Services

We solve the logistical needs of our clients relying on our teams located all over the world. Solutions adapted to all industrial sectors: food and perishables, beverages, construction, renewable energy, events, hospitality and tourism, oil and gas industry, fashion and retail, technology and others.

Air transportation

If your priority is to reduce the transit time of your shipments to the maximum, with our door-to-door services we will transport from your warehouse to the final destination according to the planned plans, such as for regular replenishments of materials or clothing.

Maritime transport

Our experience in the international maritime transport of goods allows us to offer quality services for your imports and exports and to process through our customs agents the necessary documentation for both maritime export and import.

Land transportation

We are specialists in the international transport of goods by road over long distances.
We can offer you the most competitive and personalized prices for your shipments.
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We solve the logistical needs of our clients relying on our teams located all over the world.


Storage and handling

We can store your goods in the warehouse that best suits your needs. Close to logistics centres for faster shipment management, or in areas with cheaper storage, if the goods need to be there longer, for handling or delivery on a specific date. We offer this service for general goods or those with temperature control.

Support and monitoring of documentation

Our team of experts will inform you of the documentation required by both the transport companies and the customs of the countries of origin, destination and transit, to avoid any delay in the transport. We constantly monitor the documentation and solve any unexpected problems that may arise.

Customs processing service

As a freight forwarder, we have our guarantees presented to Customs, which allows us to carry out the procedures on our behalf, without having to go to an intermediary, which would increase costs. We handle many products that, due to their nature or urgency, require special procedures for their processing, which makes us highly specialized in any process that we need to carry out.

Transport insurance

During transport, all goods are susceptible to some unforeseen event or incident, from a minor breakage to its complete disappearance, which is why in addition to choosing the packaging and packing that best suits the load, it is always advisable to take out goods insurance