If you need a fast, national or international means of transporting goods, due to the nature of your shipments, at Star Cargo we offer you an air transport service tailored to your needs.

Air transport is used for shipments of goods in which the time factor is a priority. It is the most suitable means of transport for scheduled shipments or due to unexpected circumstances that require fast management and delivery.
Air transportation can be done in:
Passenger aircraft, using the aircraft holds,
Cargo planes, exclusively intended for the air transport of goods. They accept more cargo and larger merchandise.
Charter flights, exclusive for a specific shipment. It is a complex process that Star Cargo, with a highly experienced team, organizes without incident in the shortest possible time.

We take care of processing all the documentation of your shipments

The documentation used for air shipments is diverse depending on the type of merchandise. But there is a common element, the air knowledge (Airway Bill). This document is similar to a passenger plane ticket and it indicates the sender and receiver of the shipment, the characteristics of the merchandise for handling during transportation and other information related to customs procedures and billing of the shipment.

We offer you a customs processing service so you don not have to worry about anything

As a freight forwarder, we have our guarantees presented to Customs, which allows us to carry out the procedures on our behalf, without having to go to an intermediary, which would increase costs. We handle many products that, due to their nature or urgency, require special procedures for their processing, which makes us highly specialized in any process that we need to carry out.

We advise you so you have the best insurance for your shipments

In addition to the mandatory insurance that covers the transport of the goods, if you wish we can insure the total value of your goods.
Through a floating policy contracted, always with leading companies in the insurance sector, we can assure you that there will be no problem, should you have to make a claim.