Spain is located in a privileged place to develop maritime transport. 80% of Spanish imports and more than 50% of exports are carried out by sea transport, which is cheap and allows very large shipments to be made to any part of the world, although in a longer time.

At Star Cargo we have extensive experience in the international maritime transport of goods, which allows us to offer you quality services for your imports and exports, tailored to your needs. We operate in the main ports of the world, offering logistics services for most sectors of activity.

We take care of processing all the documentation of your shipments

In shipping merchandise by sea, we use the document B / L (Bill of lading). In it, the data of the sender and / or recipient is detailed, the product data is specified: nature, number of packages, weight, volume and other data, to identify the container in which it is traveling. Finally, we indicate other data related to the trip such as departure date, duration of the trip and ports through which the ship will pass.

We offer you a customs procedure service

As a freight forwarder, we have our guarantees presented to Customs, which allows us to carry out the procedures on our behalf, without having to go to an intermediary, which would increase costs. We handle many products that, due to their nature or urgency, require special procedures for their processing, which makes us highly specialized in any process that we need to carry out.

Do you want to have the best insurance for your maritime shipments?

In addition to the mandatory insurance that covers the transport of the goods, if you wish we can insure the total value of your goods.
Through a floating policy contracted, always with leading companies in the insurance sector, we can assure you that there will be no problem, should you have to make a claim.

In our international maritime transport company located in Madrid, nothing is left to chance, everything has a control and a prior organization that transport experts, with years of experience, carry out so that your merchandise always arrives at its destination in perfect condition and within the stipulated period of time.