All shipments must have ground transportation, as a complementary means to air or sea transportation or for shipments made by road.
It is the most recommended transport for short or medium distance shipments, since with the infrastructure and vehicles that currently exist, shipments can be made to nearby countries, with the same speed as in air transport. The elimination of customs in the European Union facilitates this type of transport, since controls are not necessary at each border.

There are several types  of international road transport

There are several types of international road transport, depending on the type of vehicle that is hired and the facilities available at the pick-up and delivery addresses, since transport vehicles usually need means that help in loading and unloading, such as tail lifts. or automatic cranes.

Star Cargo, an international land transport company in Madrid, advises you to select the type of transport appropriate to the needs of your goods, proposing the use of vans, trucks or trailers.

Necessary documentation in land transportation

The documentation used for land transport, whether international or national, can be either a delivery note or a consignment note, in both cases the journey made and the data of the merchandise are detailed. This documentation must be signed by both the driver who collects the cargo, and by the recipient when he receives it. This documentation not only informs about the shipment, it also serves to indicate that the transport has been carried out without incident. In the event that any of the parties involved in the transport verify any incident, it must be reflected in this documentation.

Star Cargo, as an international road transport company with extensive experience, we guarantee the resolution of any incident that may arise in these shipments by land transport.